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    Reckless Getaway
    MixZing Lite 2.1.2 для Андроид
    Angry Birds Transformers

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    Trivia Crack

    Trivia Crack - логическая игрушка на андроид. Trivia Crack is the international smash hit game that pits friend against friend in different categories to determine who has the most trivia knowledge. And it’s FREE! Each of the six categories (Sci
    Crack Your Screen (Joke)

    Прикольнитесь над друзьями типо они сломали вам экран. Crack Your Screen — отменная программа для того, чтобы подшутить над другом, втихаря установить эту прогу и посмотреть на его реакцию. Эффект разбитого экрана работает поверх всех иконок и программ. Попробуйте поднять настроение, а может и пощекотать нерв
    Trivia Crack – Обойди друзей в веселой викторине!

    Головоломки и настольные игры от студии Etermax стабильно проверяют уровень интеллекта игроков на прочность – заставляют из букв составлять слова, считать цифры в лотерее, а также соревноваться с друзьями в смекалке, хитрости и фантазии. Новинка Trivia Crack для андроид подчеркивает успехи разработчиков на фронте интеллектуальных игр, предлагая уникальную викторину на знание шести категорий, справитесь? Игровые события новинки Trivia Crack развиваются между реальными или компьютерными противниками и происходят на основе шести категорий: география, искусство, исто
    Dante's Fall

    Dante's Fall - забавная аркада на андроид. The DANTE F411 manned probe has been launched through a crack in the ground straight down to hell. Insane speed and sharp ledges are your enemies. How far can you reach? Touch the left or right side of the screen to hover around the tunnel avoiding ledges. Will you reach the Ninth Circle Of Hell? DANT
    Hockey Fight Pro

    Hockey Fight Pro - 1.20 - Трёхмерный хоккейный файтинг.Боремся на льду с противниками,выполняя комбинации ударов и уникальные комбо. Год выпуска : 2011 Категория/Жанр : спорт / файтинг Платформа : apk,Android 2.1+ Состояние/Активация : free Версия : 1.20 FULL Crack Язык интерфейса : en
    Plume для Андроид

    Plume - 2.88RC - Twitter клиент Год выпуска : 2012 Автор/Разработчик : LevelUp Studio Категория/Жанр : Интернет Платформа :Android Состояние/Активация : Crack Версия : 2.88 Язык интерфейса : Русский Описание : На мой взгляд самый лучший Twitter клиент. Отличный виджет. Работает
    Titanium Backup для Андроид

    Titanium Backup - v.3.6.2 Год выпуска: 2010 Автор/Разработчик: Joel Bourquard Категория/Жанр: Backup manager Платформа: Android Состояние/Активация: crack(donate) Версия: 3.6.2 Язык интерфейса: rus Описание: Отличная backup программка,
    Touiteur для Андроид

    Touiteur - 2.01 Год выпуска: 2010 Автор/Разработчик: LevelUp Studio Категория/Жанр:twitter клиент Платформа: Android Состояние/Активация:premium crack Версия: 2.01 Язык интерфейса: Русский присутствует Доп.требования: версияпрошивки минимум 2.1 Описание: Клиент для популярной социальной сети,(если её можно так назвать:) twitter.Мощный клиент,много разных функций которые дают почувствовать всю красоту twitter'a.Лично мне из всех клиентов твиттера на Андроид он больше всех понравился и заинтересовал.Рекоме
    Dirt Bike Racing 3D

    Dirt Bike Racing 3D - мотогонки на андроид. Who said only professional riders can Enjoy those jungles and those rocky hills? Dirt Bike Racing is a new astonishing Game which will let the Dirt Bike lovers enjoy them without having a real bike. There will be numerous locations with various weath

    SLAMMED! - текстовая РПГ на андроид. Turn a scripted steel-cage wrestling match into a real fight in this 250,000-word interactive novel! You've always dreamed of becoming pro wrestling's biggest star...but a wrestler's world is fraught with hardship and betrayal, in and out of the ring. Become a powerhouse, a
    Hare VS Turtle Soccer

    Помните известную басню о состязании в беге зайца и черепахи? На этот раз они не бегают, oни играют футбол в этой интересной игре на андроид. ОСОБЕННОСТИ: - Many games included like Target Based, Time Based, Goal Based; - Many Levels like Beginner, Mid Level, Master, Professional; - Fantasy Environment; - Easy to Play with much more Animations.; - Easy to Learn; - Very Optimized.
    Phil's Fishin

    Phil's Fishin - отличный симулятор рыбалки на андроид. Pick from up to 16 locations all around the globe! Fish in Lake Okeechobee or in the East China Sea! Start with a small dingy, while using 2 rods simultaneously, and work your way up to 4 rods simultaneously while using professional #fishing vessel in the open ocean! #The first truly authentic RPG fishing game! #Compare your biggest trophy catch to your friends by winning daily, weekly, and even monthly tournaments for prizes and bragging rights! #Upgrade your gear to go after the trophy catch you want! #Choose from over 20 Bait/Lures that all give individual bonuses! #Choose from up to 18 rods and 10 reels, including a fully automatic electric reel for the lazy pros! #Pick from tons of hooks, lines, fish finders, and more! #Welcome to the best, most authentic fishing RPG out there! Start now! #Facebook Login Required.
    Zoe (Beta)

    Zoe - приложение, которое позволяет создавать, обьединять и делиться различными фотографиями и видео. Zoe is a simple way to create, share and remix professional quality highlight videos—and it’s even better when your friends pitch in. Choose the photos and videos you’d like to share, add a filter to give your highlight video a unique look, and choose the perfect soundtrack. Bring shared moments to life by inviting friends to remix your video, and remix theirs! Remixing lets you to add the best photos and videos from everyone who was there to create the ultimate highlight reel. Zoe enables you to capture, share and remix the most important, fun, precious and whimsical life moments with the world. ОСОБЕННОСТИ: * Send Zoe highlight videos directly to friends, and invite them to remix yours; * Instantly share to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and more; * Interact with friends by giving and receiving likes & comments; * Share publicly and privately (friends only); * Upload as much as you want; * And much, much more!
    Mountain Bike Challenge

    Mountain Bike Challenge - отличный велотриал на андроид. A brand new 3D sports game from the developers of the Ski Challenge series: Mountain Bike Challenge! Become a professional mountain bike racer and discover the world in 8 unique levels. Every level contains at least 4 tracks, which can be tackled in various race modes such as Circuit Race, Start-Finish Race or Time Attack. Master the challenges and collect all the stars to unlock the next level. You can also earn MTB Coins by completing races and achievements, which you can use to purchase items and new bikes in the MTB Shop. ОСОБЕННОСТИ: - 8 unique levels located across the globe: Alpine Woods, Temple Path, Frozen Flats and many more! - 4 to 6 different tracks per level with various race modes - 4 bikes with differing characteristics available for purchase in the MTB Shop. Find the right bike for every track! - Take care of your rider's health! Trade your coins in for a medipack and other useful items to protect your rider. - Supported languages: German, English, Spanish, French. Mountain Bike Challenge is available in the Google Play Store, in the Apple App Store and on Facebook!
    Taekwondo Game

    Taekwondo Game - любите боевые искусства ? Тогда эта игра для Вас! The Taekwondo Game – Global Tournament is the first ever mobile taekwondo game! Challenge your friends in cross platform multiplayer over local wifi, or make your way to the top on your own in the Global Tournament. With movements based on motion-captured professional taekwondo players, the game stays true to the fighting style. Even the sound effects have been recorded in a real taekwondo dojang. The tournament, set in three stunning environments – Korea, Mexico and Iran - follows the Olympic rules. Positioning and timing is key in taekwondo. Practice your skills in a taekwondo dojang before entering the tournament. Smart controls and easy-to-learn commands creates a great depth - making the game just as enjoyable and challenging for those new to the fighting genre, as well as veteran players. The strikingly scenic graphics, the cool sound effects and the realistic animations give you the true meaning of taekwondo - the way of the foot and the hand. ОСОБЕННОСТИ: - Singleplayer and multiplayer; - Authentic taekwondo movements and rules; - Several beautiful environments; - Select your favorite player; - Easy to learn.
    Notebook Wars Saga

    Notebook Wars Saga - качественная аркадная игрушка на андроид. Notebook Wars Saga is taking the term “Shock and Awe” and turning it into “Shock and Draw” in a major way! This amazing notebook scrolling war game turns one kid’s notebook into the battlefield whereby all future wars will be fought! The brilliant creative team and professional developer of Notebook Wars Saga offer you HUGE LEVELS, amazing hand drawn graphics, fantastic game play, and awesome effects all in one phenomenal notebook shooter game that you won’t want to put down! ОСОБЕННОСТИ: - Fun game; - 15 huge game levels; - Submit Facebook scores; - 7 different war planes to choose; - 22 awesome weapons to upgrade; - Easy to play, challenging to master! - Google Play achievements & leader board; - Brilliantly designed and expertly developed gaming; - Our web versions of the Notebook Wars game/s had over 7 Million game plays. Take command of futuristic war gaming by: Downloading Panda Zone's Notebook Wars Saga now, your legacy awaits!
    Be A Legend: Football

    Играй за любой клуб и стань легендой! В игре присутствуют как российский, так и украинский футбольные чемпионаты. Можно начать за низшие дивизионы (Крымтеплица,Олимпик Донецк и т.п.). Можно кастомизировать экипировку, прически и многое другое. YOUR LEGEND AS FOOTBALL PLAYER STARTS HERE Make your dreams come true and become a real PROFESSIONAL footballer playing with the world's best teams. Start up your career in a modest club, enhance your skills and move up until being signed up by a well-renowned Club. Win the main continental competitions and prove your worth to become the new idol of your supporters. Choose one of the leagues to start-up your career, burst on the scene to be the star of your team and become a Legend: - Challenge users from any corner of the world; - Compite in one of the greatest leagues, moving up to higher categories; - Become popular in any city and country you visit; - Enhance your skills; - Sign for the best world's clubs . You can even develop your own personal life as footballer: - Build always better houses with personal gardens and parks; - Buy cars; - Customize your own boots, t-shirts and shorts... Start writing your football Legend here.
    Soccer Heroes - Road to Brazil

    Experience all the excitement and intensity of professional soccer with Soccer Heroes. Take it up the middle, pass, dribble, shoot and… goal! Defeat your rivals and go on to play in the Brazil Cup and lead the international soccer scene. Soccer Heroes emulates the classic sport of soccer in a new and original way. It’s based on cut scenes in which you see the player crossing the field, and when you want (or when an opponent is blocking you) you decide if you want to pass, dribble, or take a shot on goal. A scene shows you if you are successful or not, depending on the ability of the player. But in Soccer Heroes, like in real football, it isn’t only about offense. You also have to know how to defend and choose the best defensive option at each moment to shut out your opponent. When an opposing player takes a shot on goal, the goalkeeper will have the option to block or trap the ball. The capabilities of the players are: attack, defend, pass, speed up/slow down, and dribble. You can improve on these skills as you advance through the game, forming a championship team. In Soccer Heroes you can manage your squad and sign new players if your team needs a boost to be more competitive. ОСОБЕННОСТИ: - Cartoon inspired graphics; - Pass, dribble, shoot, score goals, hold your position, tackle and block or trap shots on goal; - Buy and sell players to improve your squad; - 7 classifying tournaments to reach the Brazil Cup; - Get rewards for improving your players; - Gain experience and improve your squad. Stop dreaming and score your first goal in Soccer Heroes by downloading the app now!
    Andy The Magic Train

    Andy The Magic Train - обучающая детская игра на андроид. Educational game where children accompany Andy The Magic Train on an adventure to rescue his friends (Animals, Colors, Alphabet Letters and Shapes) that were spellbound by the Mystery Magician. Various professional roles participated in game development, from programmers and designers, Speech Therapists and Educational Psychologists to parents, teachers and children who collaborated and enriched the final product. ОСОБЕННОСТИ: • Learn in English and Spanish. • Enjoy 3 fun modes (based on cognitive abilities) for each stage: o Visual Identification. o Visual Memory. o Speech recognition. • Join Andy in wonderful stages as: o Animal Forest with a large waterfall, trees, flowers and more. o Space Colors with stars, rockets, planets and UFOs? o Fantasy Letters with dragons, a pirate ship, castles and even Aladdin's lamp! o Road to Mysterious Castle, is mage's home, the final test! • Full collectibles album! • Enjoy the ability to view the adventure story in the "mode" of digital tale. • No in-app purchases. • No third party advertising.