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    Reckless Getaway
    MixZing Lite 2.1.2 для Андроид
    Angry Birds Transformers

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    Wave to Unlock

    Wave to Unlock - приложение для самых ленивых. Данная программа поможет вам включить экран без нажатия системных кнопок. Достаточно провести рукой над датчиком приближения и экран включится.
    Bouncy Bits

    Bouncy Bits - насладитесь свободой пригающих пикселей. Welcome to the world of Bouncy Bits where you can enjoy the freedom to Bounce your Bits! Test your skill, patience and determination to unlock a whole world of characters from the bouncy world. Rainbow sheep, chip stealing seagulls, and piranha's with a taste for toes. Collect coins, open
    Looney Tunes Dash!

    Looney Tunes Dash! - встречайте новый увлекательный раннер с участием знаменитого кролика. Run, jump, smash, and slide into new levels and adventures with Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Tweety Bird, and other Looney Tunes favorites! Complete level objectives to unlock new Looney Tunes characters and zones based on iconic Looney Tunes landscapes. Enjoy loads of wild, whacky, and looney ways to run as you discover each character’s Special Ability and Collector’s Card. It’s time to run, Doc! • Run as Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Road Runner, and other favorite Looney Tunes characters! • Explore
    Skylanders Lost Islands

    Skylanders Lost Islands - постройте свой собственный замок и готовьтесь к новым приклчениям. Find new Trap Masters, other new Skylanders and Trappable Villains now in Skylanders Lost Islands™! Play for FREE as you explore the Skylands, build your own kingdom and embark on incredible quests with your Skylanders in this amazing new adventure. More than a simple “builder” game, Skylanders Lost Islands™ is all about col
    Rage of the Immortals

    Аркада на андроид от GREE. Channel the elements and awaken your inner hero in Rage of the Immortals, a free-to-play action adventure game where you fight through over 20 different combat zones and unlock the secrets of the five elemental powers as you complete quests and unravel the mystery of your lost memories. With over 160 characters to collect, train and evolve, you can create the u
    Fly By!

    Fly By! - неплохой таймкиллер на андроид. Collect Nectar and avoid dangerous enemies in this gorgeous fast paced game! Unlock new characters and use their powers to improve your score. Compete with friends on Facebook!
    Shuriken Training HD

    Станьте настоящим ниндзя вместе с Shuriken Training HD. To become a ninja legend the first thing is training ! With the renewed Shuriken Training you will test your ninja skills in the launching of the deadly shurikens. You have to b
    Armies of Dragons

    Armies of Dragons - обороняем королевство от атак вражеских войск. Defend your kingdom from rampaging hordes in this new kind of strategy and fortress defense game! Summon the power of the four elements, and elementally charge your armies before sending them to defend three lanes! Train, upgrade, and manage the growth of your warriors to forge a formidable army! Unlock powerful champions to fight for you—and eventually, call forth mighty creatures like treants, golems, and even good drago
    Run of TRON 3D Pro

    Вы попали в виртуальный мир, с которого Вам следует найти выход. You are in the virtual world, find a way to out or die in this. Swipe to turn, jump, roll and slide to avoid obstacles, collect coins and update armor, unlock new weapons, and see how far you can run!
    Catch The Rabbit

    Catch The Rabbit - поймай кролика или убей время. A mischievous rabbit has stolen all the golden fruits, try to catch the rabbit by jumping from platform to platform without falling! Collect fruits to unlock new animals!
    Elemental Kingdoms

    Elemental Kingdoms is a free-to-play TCG Strategic battle game. With over 200 cards and runes to choose from, assemble your deck and put it to the ultimate test. Play against your friends and challenge random players to hold the prestige of having the most powerful deck ever created. Enchant Monsters and Runes to unlock their full potentials. Join the Northern Alliance and fight against the Scarlet Nation to restore peace to the four Elemental Kingdoms! PLAY NOW! ОСОБЕННОСТИ: -More than 200 different cards to choose from! Build the best deck you can to beat over 250 unique challenges! -Over 80 stages to beat! Leave your mark across the four kingdoms and even unlock bonus levels and dungeons! -Ench

    Skyward - отличная игрушка на подобии Monument Valley. A great journey to the sky starts with a single step. Through dynamic escher-style labyrinths you will reach your inner peace in this endless one-tap-one-step game. Get higher scores to unlock new patterns and beat everyone in the leaderboard!
    Agent, Run!

    Agent, Run! - хороший 2D раннер на андроид. Agent, Run! is an unconventional runner game with innovative gameplay mechanics. Let obstacles explode and clear the way for our agent with a swipe of your finger. Unlock 4 different levels and fight your way through the island with funny gadgets like jetpacks and bazookas. Save the world by destroying the evil doomsday machine! Worldwide online leaderboards, plenty of missions and challenging achievements are waiting for you! Get the fun, fast paced action 2D side-scroller based on finger gestures and awesomeness right now! Please note: Play the first level entirely for free. The full game can be unlocked via In-App Purchase within the game.

    Unpossible - футуристичный раннер на андроид. Unpossible will test your skills, your reflexes, and even your memory. It will make you smile. It will probably make you scream. You will die often and it will always be your fault. Fight to learn the obstacles…they already know how to fight you. Relentless. Thrilling. Unpossible! Unpossible is played with easy to learn controls with options for touch, tilt and external controllers. Each control scheme is designed so the controls get out of your way. You'll feel at one with the game. Dodge an endless series of glowing obstacles in this futuristic sci-fi world. Get as far as you can in each level -- survive for 60 seconds to unlock harder levels. See why it's not just impossible, it's Unpossible! Gameplay levels: Simplicity: Super approachable introduction to the Unpossible world. Hone your skills here. Last 60 seconds in Simplicity to unlock Futile and Daily Futile. Futile: Where most people will spend their time. Faster than Simplicity, Futile will find your weakness and make you conquer it. Survive for 60 seconds in Futile to unlock Ultra and Daily Ultra. Ultra: It's Ultra Unpossible. This is the pinnacle of Unpossible. The obstacles spin, the sequences you learned before will need to be unlearned. You will be challenged all the way to your soul. Ultra is hardcore. Masocore even. Only the strongest will make it through Ultra. Daily gameplay levels: Daily Simplicity, Daily Futile and Daily Ultra. If you like to practice the same level, these levels are for you. These levels are the same difficulty as their namesakes except the levels stay the same for a full day. There are also special achievements for the daily levels - beat them every day to find out! Special mode: Cruise: This is the zen level. You can’t die. Practice your turns if you’d like or hang your device on a wall to make a live-action art piece. It’s chill.
    Unlock Root

    В архиве присутствует патч и инструкция для успешной работы программы. Потребуются драйвера для Вашего устройства. UnlockRoot Pro поможет вам получить права администратора, а также и удалить их на вашем андроид-девайсе в один клик (ROOT-UnROOT)! Поддержка более 200 устройств на ОС Android начиная с 2.1 и заканчивая 4.1. С помощью программы вы без лишних усилий сможете сделать рутинг – получить полный контроль над ПО и ОС вашего девайса. Преимущества root на Android: - возможность куда более расширенной и полной настройки девайса (например поставить на него стороннюю прошивку, полностью изменить внешний вид ОС, изменить разные функции и поднять настройки на более «чувствительный» уровень); - уменьшение энергопотребления и повышение производительности (возможность настроить частоту процессора и различные модификации прошивок, таких например как CyanogenMod, с помощью которой вы сможете достичь повышения производительности и оптимизацию на более плавную и максимально быструю работу, а Oxygen например, позволит сэкономить батарею); - установка любых приложений на карту памяти (включая кэш) - поставить firewall, чтобы ограничивать доступ программ к интернету. - резервное копирование системы. Инструкция по получению root с попощью Unlock Root: - Установите драйвер ABD для вашего устройства; - Если у Вас HTC то для получения root необходим S-OFF (разблокированный загрузчик). Далее следуйте инстукции: 1. Настройки - Приложения - Разработка - "Отладка по USB" и Приложения - "Неизвестные источники" поставить галочки; 2. Подключить USB кабель; 3. Установите Unlock Root и нажмите кпопку Root; 4. Перезагрузите телефона, готово! Информация о программе: Название: UnlockRoot Pro; Версия: 3.36; Год выпуска: 2013; Платформа: Windows XP/Vista/7; Язык интерфейса: English; Лекарство: patch-tonyweb; Размер: 39.4 Mb.
    PAC-MAN Friends

    PAC-MAN Friends - новая версия пакмена от Namco Games. PAC-MAN Friends is a new, original fast-paced game using classic PAC-MAN characters! With simple tilt controls, you can maneuver PAC-MAN through progressively challenging mazes to rescue his friends from the Ghosts' Castle! Steer clear of Blinky, leader of the gang, along with his fellow ghosts Pinky, Inky, and Clyde and all new obstacles or you’ll lose a life. Grab the flashing Power Pellets to temporarily turn the tables and gobble up those pesky ghosts! Find and munch fruit for big points! Unlock new friends! With powers like Invisibility to Ghosts, Wall Crashing and Illumination, each friend has a unique ability to aid PAC-MAN on his journey! If the Ghosts catch you, use Cherries to save PAC-MAN or his friends and continue the action! Use the Slow Time boost to give you the edge and score the fastest time! You can explore 95 levels in 6 worlds and unlock 8 uniquely powered friends. Hours of light-hearted, fun adventure lie ahead! Challenge your friends! Collect keys and fruit to unlock the next episode and explore the world of PAC-MAN Friends. ОСОБЕННОСТИ: • 95 stages for all new challenges (including Dark Mazes); • 5 different control modes; • 8 unique friends; • Daily Rewards.
    Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic

    Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic - РПГ-игра от создателей The Inner World. Enter the world of PIXEL HEROES and prepare yourself for a thrilling RPG/Roguelike experience like you have never seen before! Explore a randomized world full of hilarious events, deadly dungeons and the weirdest NPCs you will ever meet in a game! Choose three heroes for your party and take them on a journey that will be completely different each time you start a new game. Bath in a pool of procedurally generated loot and defeat the evil forces that threaten the township of Pixton! ОСОБЕННОСТИ: • 30 unique hero classes to unlock, each with individual skills and attributes. • More procedurally generated axes, spears, maces, swords, shields, bows, crossbows, spells and prayers than a lama has hair on its body. • 13 mystic and beautifully cruel dungeons to explore. With epic bossfights waiting! • 3 campaigns to unlock, each with its own final dungeon and boss. • Permadeath! You know you want it. • A detailed graveyard where you can mourn your dead heroes, compare their statistics and see which of their choices led to their tragic death. • Completely crazy NPCs, each one of them with a significant storyline that you can follow to unlock cool stuff! • Tons of random events that you will encounter on your way, expecting you to make important choices. Will you yell at the cat like a crazy idiot? • Many achievements and unlockables, try to get them all and become the most badass Pixel Heroes player in the world! • Tablet support.
    Touchgrind BMX

    Сиквел Touchgrind на андроид от Illusion Labs. Become a BMX pro and perform spectacular tricks in breathtaking locations all over the world. Just like in real BMX or finger BMX, Touchgrind BMX is a game of skill that takes a few minutes to understand but a lifetime to master. Learn the tricks, complete challenges, and unlock new locations and bikes. The innovative finger controls together with real physics simulation let you pull off tricks like flips, barspins, 360s, tailwhips - Your skill and imagination set the limit! Get a maximized experience with a real BMX feeling on your Android device!

    Enterchained - гладиаторские бои на андроид. Take down your foes with slashes, sword throws and chain trips to complete quests for gear and glory. - Brutal hack 'n' slash combat; - Hours of challenging quests; - Dozens of swords, shields and helms to unlock; - IAP Free, 100% skill based unlocks.